The Manifesto

At the origin of the world, was nature.

Prevention is better than cure, the adage is as old as time... and more relevant than ever!

And the Latin precept “a healthy mind in a healthy body” cannot contradict this.

The simple ones are thus part of this quest for naturalness, in another conception of care.

Because the plant world offers an inexhaustible potential of active ingredients of natural origin, vector of complementarity with traditional medicine.

This is an observation made by many doctors, scientists and phytotherapists, supporting our approach to returning to basics by using sustainable solutions.

It is also the pharmaceutical observation of the phytotherapy specialist Danielle Roux Sitruk and our co-founder Charles Amar, who within his pharmacy collects feedback from his patients, in need of a more natural, greener alternative. , more transparent.

Healthy aging does not just mean the absence of disease, but enjoying an optimal state of physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

A reflection which encouraged us to design a tailor-made range which exudes purity and efficiency.

With plants in all its forms to allow 360 action of the product (in global or local action).

Yes, botany, this sometimes complex scholarly science has the merit of being known by as many people as possible.

But herbal medicine cannot be improvised and its unsupervised use can be dangerous.

With the help of our team of naturopaths trained in aromatherapy/phytotherapy, we ensure the proper use of herbalism.
It is a symbiosis with nature, an art of living and patience.