Imagine. Two alchemists. Peddlers of a naturalist philosophy: promoting the virtues of plants on everyone's health. Healers? “Traveling shamans”, apothecaries? The founders of the Officine Immortelle are becoming more artisans of well-being, like two modern-day druids without a white beard or golden billhook. Both belong to a rare species of creators, that of utopians at the convergence of the arts, but who have never let go of their obvious attraction for natural medicine with a deep desire: that of bringing back the ancestral practice. of herbalism having died out in 1941. Plural personalities, accomplices and childhood friends, they distill the secrets of plants and the subtle art of their alliance.

After years of research delving into the cultivation of medicinal plants, calibrating, mixing, stirring, proportioning each of their aromas and accords, this tandem for one, a doctor of pharmacy and expert in botany, for the other an engineer of Centrale Paris and Harvard, venture further into the territories of herbal medicine.

Because behind the fashion for self-medication with plants, there is the fantasy of a golden age where man lived in harmony with nature. L'Officine Immortelle was thus born to go from the simple* to the essential.

The “simples”, as they were already called in the Middle Ages, are medicinal plants used as they are provided by nature.