Our ethical charter

“Take your lessons in nature, that’s where our future is.” The adage left by Da Vinci guided L'Officine Immortelle in a natural and conscious approach. It is above all a state of mind, a new art of Being. A triptych based on 3 synergies of expertise: efficiency, quality, and eco-responsibility.

Effectiveness because:

  • Tested and approved by a scientific committee, the recipes were developed by pharmacists and naturopaths who are plant experts.
  • The products have been co-designed with hundreds of patients to guarantee their effectiveness and completeness
  • Simple and transparent formulations that combine the most effective plants for each target, while limiting their number to avoid unwanted interactions

Quality guaranteed by total transparency and optimal traceability:

  • The entire range has been produced in partnership with pickers, botanists and producers subject to strict specifications to use only quality raw materials.
  • The provenance of plants from organic farming, certified by our labels
  • Made in France: by using French know-how, we base our values ​​on excellence, from the design of containers to the development of content.
  • Our green team dedicated to development and regulatory quality guarantees you 100% clean products.

Eco-responsibility , since green consciousness is underway through the commitment to ethics and sustainability:

  • The brand's creators also focused on aesthetics without distorting the ethical commitment, proof that “high-end” and responsible consumption are not contradictory.
  • Glass easily replaces plastic and the material comes back to life as desired
  • Reusable and recyclable packaging is intended to be portable and environmentally friendly.
  • We limit excess packaging as much as possible