Palo Santo

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 Ideal for perfuming the house and attracting luck and good energies, Palo Santo, a sacred wood from Peru, will amplify relaxation while perfuming your interior with a woody and spicy scent. Its purifying and relaxing properties will bring you lasting relief. It also repels insects and mosquitoes. Its practical format allows you to take it everywhere!

🌱 In the form of bundles, they are very simple to use: light one end of the stick or bundle using a candle or lighter, let the flame take a few seconds then blow gently on it. Fan the stick or bundle from time to time to prolong their effects. Let the stick or bundle burn until it goes out on its own or you decide to put it out yourself.

Usage tips :

Light one end of the stick using a flame. Let it ignite for a few seconds then blow on the flame.

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