From past to present

From the desire to perpetuate life. Almost a symbol of eternity – obvious, when we have given ourselves the name of an immortal plant, so named for its flowers which never fade!

It is also the desire to capture time, to combine the past with the present. Nostalgia for the pure and natural. The vogue for old-fashioned bottled products.

The desire to reconnect with an ancestral practice that dates back to Mesopotamia.

Moreover, across the centuries and continents, men have been able to acquire the precepts of a healthy life: meditation, traditional medicines and above all the knowledge of plants and their therapeutic properties. Nothing esoteric about it. This science formerly called herbology, which in a purely theoretical way studies the medicinal virtues of plants, gives way in practice to herbalism. Today, this archetype is coming out of the woods and the effectiveness of “plant” medicine is recognized and scientifically demonstrated.

Revisited in the light of global awareness, Officine Immortelle has drawn on grimoires and the benefits of phyto-aromatherapy to maintain and improve our health and well-being. Initiated or neophytes, we are no less Man. Eager to give the body the substances necessary to maintain its vital balance.

L'Officine Immortelle is not just the name of a holistic brand, it is a concentrate of the 21st century.