Elixir Drainage Detox

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Detoxifies, stimulates the liver, strengthens immunity

🌿 Our Drainage Detox Elixir is a food supplement in the form of hydroalcoholic extraction of fresh and organic plants, ideal for drainage and detoxification of the body.

🌸 Contributes to intestinal comfort thanks to artichoke.
🌿 Promotes renal elimination of water thanks to pilosella.
🍃 Supports liver health with milk thistle.
💧 Facilitates weight loss in addition to dietary measures thanks to orthosiphon.

🇫🇷 Certified Organic, Vegan, and Made in France.

Format : 100 ml bottle
Dosage : 2 pipettes in a glass of water, 3 times a day before meals.

offer: 1 x Detox Elixir (2 weeks)

Made in France

Made in our laboratories in France

Certified organic (AB label)

Ingredients from Organic Farming


Formulated by a pharmacist, this cure contains all the ingredients for effective and rapid action.

4 actions in 1 bottle

The natural solution for an effective detox cure

Revitalize your body with our Detox Drainage Elixir, a hydroalcoholic extraction of fresh plants, specially designed to detoxify and drain.

Thanks to a synergy of artichoke, black radish, milk thistle, pilosella and orthosiphon, this elixir promotes drainage and detoxification, helping your body eliminate accumulated toxins. It is the ideal ally for a feeling of lightness and well-being, naturally.

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