30-day Slimming Challenge

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Burns fat, Reduces appetite, Detoxifies.

Promotes fat burning

Helps regulate blood sugar

Eliminates accumulated toxins

Made in France

Made in our laboratories in France.

+4,500 Satisfied Customers

Find out why Charles (Pharmacist) recommends our slimming treatment

3 actions in 1 single Cure

The ideal combo for visible results in 30 days!

Formulated by a pharmacist, this cure contains all the ingredients for effective and rapid action.


1- At the start of the challenge, a first interview will cover:
• Analysis of eating habits
• Nutritional and lifestyle advice
• Personalized treatment plan including dietary and physical activity goals

2- A second interview will take place as a review:
• Observation of objectives achieved
• Update on the treatment plan
• Projection on the Post-Diet phase to continue the effort or stabilize your weight

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