Circulation cure - Painful or swollen legs

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Improves, Relieves circulation

Improved blood circulation thanks to the Elixir

Daily relief and lasting comfort thanks to Herbal Tea

Made in France

Made in our laboratories in France.


Compatible with a Vegan diet

An energetic duo to Revitalize your Circulation!

Revitalize your vessels with the Fresh Plant Elixir. Soothe your heavy legs with our Herbal Tea. Live each day with energy and lightness.

Free yourself from traffic worries for a life full of vitality!

2 actions in 1 single Cure

Revitalize your blood circulation with the Circulation treatment!

The Circulation Elixir energizes your vessels thanks to its concentrated formula. Circulation Herbal Tea soothes and relieves heavy legs on a daily basis.

Find vitality and lightness to embrace each day with energy. Free yourself from the constraints of poor circulation and live fully thanks to our treatment. Treat yourself to the natural well-being that your body deserves.

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