Immortal Balm

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  Our Immortel balm, certified organic, is a real “must-have” in your first aid kit. Thanks to its exceptional quality active ingredients, it will relieve bruises, cramps and hematomas, and promote healthy healing. This product is used in direct and light massages on the parts concerned.

🌿 Skin discomfort: Relieves and fights bruises, contusions or insect bites thanks to the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties of arnica and helichrysum.

🌱 Skin repair: Promotes healthy and rapid healing, thanks to the powerful healing and circulatory properties of helichrysum.

☘️ Joint and muscle health: Soothes joint pain and muscle tension in cases of cramps, or minor trauma using the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of arnica and helichrysum.

🌱 Our products come from organic farming, designed and harvested in France, created with health experts and co-designed with our users.

Usage tips
External use.
In direct and local application to the affected areas.
Key Ingredients

With arnica and helichrysum

100% Organic, French manufacturing, Vegan-Friendly
Size : 10ML

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