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✅ A true ally of your beauty routine, our quartz Roll-On adapts to all facial contours and shapes. In addition to its anti-aging and decongestant action, the Roll-On allows better penetration of the treatments used. The results are visible from the first weeks of use. Their manufacture in white or pink quartz allows you to combine the virtues of these stones. This product is to be used in massage, from the bottom to the top of the face and from the inside to the outside.

🌿 Beauty of the skin: Thanks to its smoothing action, it firms and lifts the skin while stimulating the production of collagen. It prevents skin aging by reducing wrinkles and fine lines and helps maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. It will also make the active ingredients of your products penetrate better.

🌱 Reduction of dark circles and elimination of toxins: Thanks to its decongestant and relaxing properties, it prevents and fights against stubborn dark circles and bags. Its decongestant properties promote better elimination of toxins from the skin, while preventing inflammation, sometimes responsible for skin rashes.

☘️ Blood circulation: Activates and stimulates blood micro-circulation thanks to energizing and circulatory effects, revealing brighter skin and a radiant complexion. It also reduces facial muscle tension.

🌿 Enjoy the virtues of lithotherapy thanks to the properties of rose quartz, which will bring you softness, comfort and self-love. Ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness. Enjoy the virtues of lithotherapy thanks to the properties of white quartz, which will bring you purification and energy. Ideal for skin prone to imperfections.

Benefit: Smoothes and tones the skin, relaxes facial muscles, boosts collagen production, allows skincare products to penetrate better.

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