Throat and Bronchial Syrup

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Calms the throat, Soothes the bronchi, Strengthens the defenses.

Effective for dry or oily cough

Calms sore throat

Soothes the bronchi

Size : 125ml

Made in France

Made in our laboratories in France.


Only based on medicinal plants

Soothe your throat and free your bronchi!

Formulated by a pharmacist, this syrup made from fresh, organic and French plants is very effective for both dry and oily coughs.

4 actions in 1 bottle

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The Natural Shield for your Throat and Bronchi

Find respiratory comfort and serenity with our Throat and Bronchial Syrup, carefully designed to purify and soothe.

Through the beneficial union of Echinacea, Plantain, Scots Pine, Thyme, Mallow, Eucalyptus, Propolis and Chamomile, this harmony of natural substances, carefully extracted from selected plants for their therapeutic virtues, envelops your respiratory system with a protective softness.


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