Intense Detox Treatment (15 days)

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Diuretic effect, Detoxifies, Stimulates the liver

Eliminates accumulated toxins

Diuretic effect

Helps with digestion

Offer: Cure Détox Intense 15 jours

Made in France

Made in our laboratories in France

Certified organic (AB label)

Ingredients from Organic Farming

15 days to achieve your Detox goal

Formulated by a pharmacist, this cure contains all the ingredients for effective and rapid action.

2 actions in 1 single Cure

+1,500 Satisfied Customers

The natural solution for a quick and effective Detox Cure

Discover our Detox Herbal Tea, based on Black Radish and Rosemary, perfect for healthy digestion and body purification . This infusion, rich in freshly dried plants, is a daily pleasure, to be consumed three times a day for a diuretic effect.

Complete your routine with the Detox Drainage Elixir, a composition of fresh plants such as artichoke, black radish, and milk thistle, designed to detoxify and drain. This elixir facilitates the elimination of toxins and brings lightness and well-being naturally.

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Find out why Charles (Pharmacist) recommends our Detox Drainage Elixir

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