Amethyst Bracelet

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Meditation, Spirit of synthesis, Understanding

Amethyst calms stress and promotes sleep, while fighting nightmares. Used as a meditation support, it stimulates creativity, imagination and the spirit of synthesis. It invites spiritual awakening by balancing the physical and emotional bodies.

It is also recognized as a very effective stone for getting rid of bad habits by encouraging letting go.

On a physical level, lithotherapy associates amethyst with the elimination of toxins from the body.

Amethyst activates the opening of the crown chakra.

An essential ally in your daily life!

The beads making up this bracelet are made of real amethyst, 100% natural and AA quality, unheated, unreconstituted and undyed. Our bracelets are 16 to 18 cm long, without clasp. The stones are mounted on an elastic thread to offer you optimal comfort.

Stone Size: 6 MM
Bracelet length: 16-18 CM
Benefit: Meditation, Spirit of synthesis, Understanding

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