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✅ Organic substance essential for maintaining several metabolic functions, our vitamin D3 comes in the form of an oily capsule, which makes it a highly bio-available product, to ensure good assimilation by our body. Two capsules per day are enough to cover 100% of the RDA. Consume two capsules per day, at the start of meals.

🌿 Bones and Muscles: Essential for good calcification, vitamin D3 strengthens bones and muscles thanks to its calcium-absorbing action on the intestinal mucosa. It thus promotes the fixation of calcium on the bones and maintains its good mineralization. It also acts on the muscles by facilitating their proper contraction, which therefore makes it an essential vitamin for proper bone and muscle functioning.

🌱 Strengthen the immune system: Necessary to maintain proper functioning of the immune system, vitamin D3 helps to strengthen the immune system in order to fight against winter ailments and support periods of convalescence or fatigue.

☘️ Good mood: Taking vitamin D3 promotes well-being and relaxation thanks to its serotonin regulating action.

🇫🇷 This product was designed and manufactured in France, created with health experts and co-designed with our users.

Usage tips
Adult: 2 capsules per day
Child from 6 years old: 1 capsule per day
French made

Net Weight : 16.20g

Size : 60 CAPSULES

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