Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Willpower, Personal Power, Self-Esteem, Protection

Tiger's eye is the ultimate protection stone. It promotes self-esteem and willpower thanks to its ability to harmonize thoughts and stimulate mindfulness.

Tiger's eye is an effective ally for coping with changes and decision-making. A true symbol of prosperity, it brings self-confidence and helps nourish inner peace.

On a physical level, lithotherapy associates tiger's eye with joint disorders and increases mobility.

The chakra associated with the tiger's eye is the solar plexus chakra.

The beads making up this bracelet are real tiger's eye , 100% natural and AA quality, unheated, unreconstituted and undyed. Our bracelets are 16 to 18 cm long, without clasp. The stones are mounted on an elastic thread to offer you optimal comfort.

Stone Size: 6 MM
Bracelet length: 16-18 CM
Benefit: Willpower, Personal Power, Self-Esteem, Emotions

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