Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

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Clairvoyance, Imagination, Inner Balance, Self-Reflection

Lapis lazuli soothes the mind and nourishes inner peace. Ideal for protecting yourself from negative thoughts and stress, it allows you to undertake a true inner exploration and promotes self-reflection. This stone is also known to facilitate the expression of one's feelings and increase clairvoyance, for greater wisdom.

On a physical level, lithotherapy combines lapis lazuli to relieve sore throats and heavy breathing.

The chakra associated with lapis lazuli is the 3rd eye chakra, also called the frontal chakra.

The beads making up this bracelet are real lapis lazuli, 100% natural and AA quality, unheated, unreconstituted and undyed. Our bracelets are 16 to 18 cm long, without clasp. The stones are mounted on an elastic thread to offer you optimal comfort.

Stone Size: 6 MM
Bracelet length: 16-18 CM
Benefit: Clairvoyance, Imagination, Inner Balance, Self-Reflection

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