Red Jasper Bracelet

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Security, Well-being, Rooting, Survival

Red jasper provides the strength necessary to face problematic situations by promoting rooting. It balances the physical and emotional planes by infusing power and speed into our thoughts and actions. It relieves mental fatigue and gives courage to allow us to refocus on our well-being. Red jasper helps develop a feeling of security and confidence, thus chasing away fears and anxieties.

On a physical level, lithotherapy associates red jasper with fertility, but also with circulatory discomfort.

The chakra linked to red jasper is the root chakra.

The beads making up this bracelet are made of real red jasper, 100% natural and AA quality, unheated, unreconstituted and undyed. Our bracelets are 16 to 18 cm long, without clasp. The stones are mounted on an elastic thread to offer you optimal comfort.

Stone Size: 6 MM
Bracelet length: 16-18 CM
Benefit: Security, Well-being, Rooting, Survival

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