Citrine Bracelet

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Sexuality, Desires, Creativity, Energy, Vitality

Citrine is the ideal stone to energize your metabolism and increase your vitality. Energetically regenerating, it harmonizes emotional and relational levels. It boosts creativity and is an ally of choice in periods of fatigue, convalescence or adversity. It helps transform our dreams into concrete reality by stimulating self-confidence and entrepreneurial abilities. Citrine brings joy of life by helping to drive away anxieties and fears.

On a physical level, lithotherapy associates citrine with the balance of difficult digestions.

The chakras related to citrine are the belly chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

The beads making up this bracelet are made of real citrine, 100% natural and AA quality, unheated, unreconstituted and undyed. Our bracelets are 16 to 18 cm long, without clasp. The stones are mounted on an elastic thread to offer you optimal comfort.

Stone Size: 6 MM
Bracelet length: 16-18 CM
Benefit: Sexuality, Desires, Creativity, Energy, Vitality

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